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Buckle-Up Driving SchoolBuckle-Up Driving School was started in 2008 to meet the needs of students and older adults in providing the knowledge, tools and skills needed to become safe, and responsible drivers. The school is staffed by instructors with state teaching credentials and are properly certified by the Idaho Department of Education and The Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses. Buckle-UP Driving Schools and training programs include the Idaho Department of Education Ten Content Standards.


I took drivers education with Wayne Johnson, and I would recommend that you take driving school with him. He is serious, because he wants you to be a safe driver, but he makes things fun. I think he is a really good teacher. I have my drivers license, and I use a lot of what I learned to keep myself safe, and it helps me to be more aware of my environment and the people in it. Have a good time in learning how to be a good driver with Mr. Johnson. -Ashley










Class Schedule

Schedule subject to change based on attendance per class.

Priest River

Fall 2014 Sept. 28 – Nov. 3
Winter 2014-2015 Nov. 23 – Jan. 25
Spring 2015 March 1 – April 19
Summer 2015 May 31 – July 13


Fall 2014 Sept. 23 – Oct. 30
Winter 2014–2015 Nov. 11 – Jan. 13
Spring 2015 March 10 – April 30
Summer 2015 June 9 – July 16

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