"To develop in all students an ongoing personal commitment to drive in a safe manner in spite of the conditions around them or the actions of others."

Class Schedule

Priest River


Buckle-Up Driving School LLC


Student Eligibility Standards - the Buckle-UP Driving School is open to students of any age fourteen and one-half (14 1/2) through twenty-one (21) years.

Instructional Permit - Students must obtain a Driver Training Instruction Permit/Supervised Instruction Permit through the Bonner County Drivers License Office. Students are responsible for obtaining their Verification of Compliance (certification of attendance) letter from their school. If you attend a home school program, your parents or guardian can sign an affidavit to certify your school attendance. Please purchase your permit as soon as possible after the parent meeting but no later than the Friday prior to the class start date. The final class list will be determined by permits purchased. You must have your permit to start the class.

Registration Fee - The cost for the in person classes is $275; while the online costs are $300 for behind the wheel plus $49.95 paid directly to AAA. The fee is to be paid in full by the end of class.

Withdrawals - If any student withdraws with a valid reason (e.g. serious illness), their permit and registration fee shall be held, and the student can enroll in a later class without buying a new permit or paying an additional registration fee. If a student withdraws without a valid reason, a failing grade shall be recorded for the student, and their permit shall be returned to the Bonner County Drivers License Office.

In order to enroll in another class, the student will be required to buy a new permit and pay an additional registration fee. Permits expire 5 days after the permit holder's 18th birthday.

Instructional Time Requirements - the Driver Education Program shall be offered after regular school hours and /or during the summer. Each student shall receive a minimum of 30 clock-hours of classroom instruction, 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction and 6 hours of in-car observation time. Extra time may be allowed to take care of individual differences among students.

It is essential that each student attend all classes and drive sessions as make-up time for sessions missed is very limited. A student who misses more than three hours of classroom instruction and/or behind-thewheel instruction/observation time is subject to dismissal with a grade of "F".

Priest River Classroom Instruction is scheduled from 5:30 pm till 8:00 pm on Sunday and Monday evenings at the Priest River Lamanna High School. Behind the wheel instruction will be individually scheduled during non school hours.

All parent meetings begin at 7:00 pm in the Priest River Lamanna High SchoolPriest River Lamanna High School.

Sandpoint Classroom Instruction is scheduled from 3:30 pm till 6:00 pm on Tuesday and Thursday at the Sandpoint Charter School. Behind the wheel instruction will be individually scheduled during non school hours.

All parent meetings begin at 7:00 pm at the Forrest M. Bird Charter High SchoolForrest M. Bird Charter High School.

During each one hour drive you will learn-

  1. Pre-Drive, Reference Points, Left and Right Intersection, Left Turn Lane, Backing
  2. Angle and Perpendicular Parking, Lane Changes, Turn-a-bouts
  3. City Driving, Lane Changes, One-Way Streets, Hill Parking, Parallel Parking
  4. Rural Gravel, Highway Driving
  5. Destination Drive, Road Test Review
  6. Highway/ Rural, Road Test

Adult Driving Classes

If you are a first time driver or just wish to fine-tune your driving, we can schedule one- on- one instruction to meet your needs. We also make available vehicles to rent for use for the Idaho State road test.

Contact us for price and scheduling information.


Driver Education instructors will give careful consideration to the following components when grading.

  • Classroom Work*
  • Practice Driving*
  • Attitude*

*Any student who fails in any one of the three grading areas shall be failed for the entire course.

Grades of A,B,C,D or F shall be earned using the following grading scale:

  • A - 90 to 100
  • B - 80 to 89
  • C - 70 to 79
  • D - 60 to 69
  • F - 59 and below
  1. All school rules apply while in the car or on school grounds.
  2. All students will be picked up and dropped off at assigned times.
  3. Any student driving a motor vehicle on a public roadway or right-of-way without a valid driver's license shall fail the class for having a poor attitude.